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What are “GMOs” and why should I be concerned about them?

GMO is short for Genetically Modified Organism. In agriculture, genetic modification is used to increase yields, to strengthen resistance to pests or disease, and to make them unaffected by common herbicides. There are many different reasons people object to the use of GMOs, from general principle to the risk of “genetic drift.” Practically speaking, crops which have been created to be resistant to herbicides are more likely to have residues of those strong herbicides which are consumed by the animals and passed to humans.

Does Coyote Creek feed have GMOs in it?

Coyote Creek feeds are 100% certified organic which is the very best way to safeguard against GMOs and GMO contamination. Our ingredients are backed up by certification at every step along the way, from the seeds to the cropland, and even the trucks that transport the ingredients, to ensure that there is no contamination along the way.

What is “non-GMO” feed?

Feed and other products that claim to be non-GMO (but without organic certification or Non-GMO Project certification) do not have any legal binding to that claim. In addition there is nothing noted in that claim about the use of chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other petroleum-based additives in the soil upkeep and in the feed itself. Many vitamin and mineral supplements are petroleum-derived, but this is strictly prohibited in organics.

How do you know that Coyote Creek feed has not been contaminated by GMOs?

Beyond our organic certification, Coyote Creek tests ingredients on a regular basis to ensure that our farmers, suppliers, and transporters are maintaining the highest standards. In addition, our farmers stagger their planting schedules and maintain protective buffer zones to protect their crops from cross-contamination with GMOs and chemicals.

For more information on GMOs, please visit the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance’s frequently asked questions page: http://farmandranchfreedom.org/gmo/faq/

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